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Frequently Asked Questions

Among the different pricing plans available in market, it might be confusing to decide which LMS pricing model is best for you. Because of this, we customise our price specifically to meet your needs. Since we provide unique pricing plan considering the number of employees and the authoring you require, you will not overpay and will also have a training companion that is prepared to go with you as you thrive.

We can migrate all the data from your existing LMS and can be used in AMBC eLearn. Once all the data is migrated, there will be no dependency on your previous LMS, and AMBC eLearn will work independently.

  • Case 1: Without customization: You can go live in just two short weeks.
  • Case 2: With customization: Implementation may vary based on the requirements.
  • Case 3: LMS Transition: If you are migrating from another tool, the transition time may vary based on data.

Sub-admins can be added or created in any number by the administrator, and they can have access to any module they require. However, the sub-admin you create is also included in your subscription's user count.

Yes! Every AMBC client gets onboarded with the assistance of a Specialist and has access to our international support team around-the-clock.

eLearning system is a cloud based solution that streamlines course content for improved and accelerated elearn experience.